honesty, integrity and client-focused

Headquartered in London, UK, Monetise Global are Specialised AI Traders in the Blockchain Financial Markets.

Monetise Global is privately owned by Lakshmi Empire family office.

We believe in helping our clients do well in the New World of the Blockchain Financial Markets. First, we access a broad range of new opportunities that relate to every investors needs. Second, our goals to educate and inform our clients of as many aspects of the market as they require enables a longer-term perspective when trading and investing.

We have chosen a distinct path to catering for our clients' needs and this is deeply ingrained into what we do at Monetise Global.

We have over 50+ Elite AI Trading Robots developed in Silicon Valley, USA, and Ex Traders from Goldman Sachs & JP Morgan, who are market makers with exceptional fund, risk, money and arbitrage management.

Further more as Blockchain and Crypto Currencies are unregulated, we work only in a regulated and financially and risk controlled environment. Our clients safety and insurance comes absolutely first, as you expect from a bank.

Once an Exclusive Membership, a whole new world opens.

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